We want to introduce ourselves: Hi, I am Jen and the vibrant soul beside me is Can. We created this website for YOU and it's a mixture of a reading tip and an own unique story.

We are urban kids, which began to feel and explore our nature and the nature arond us. This lifestyle means to eat very clean and natural but also to be conscious about our thoughts, our bodys and what we do in general. We started our round the world trip with bikes and without money 2013. We camped at wild places and have been blessed by the power of human kindness. Food was a gift all the time. From private people, from farmers or second choice fruits from the supermarkets. We are happy and pink-thinking people and on our journey we met countless beings which are looking forward to a truly free life. We saw that more and more people understand, that a happy life is possible, or maybe only possible, without money, economic growth, schoolsystem and more social enforcements that directly hurt natures laws. The following texts and pictures are for us and for you. A tool to work on the way we think. To give you a positive meaning for the future or maybe you are already thinking this way and want to use this website as an example for your friends. To show them what's in your head and heart. Let's paint a picture of mankind developing their power.
Be loved Can and Jen

Welcome home

Dear beloved friend, let's begin with two questions. What and where is home? On the left side you can see a beautiful illustration of our planet. Most people would call it home planet. So why do so many people don't have a home? Is home the country you where born in? Often your birth and your pure existence is not enough to have the right to be. There is always the need for a reward. For example, you have to be part of the economic system, to support economic growth and use money. If you don't believe me, try to escape... So just because it's your home planet or your home country, you are not alowed to simply be. Does this feel like "home"? Let's say, home is where you just live. Maybe with your family? Hopefully you have a wonderful family. But many people live in families, acting like the bigger concepts. You have to play a role; always have to justify your existence. Not many people can really choose their job, others experience violence in the family and there is another drama when the kids get "adults".. they leave home. A family business like a farm for example, is not modern. "It's boring". We will talk about this later, if this has to be true. But here is the point: The family is not together anymore, regardless of whether they like each other or not. The kids are likely disappointed by the generation of their parents. I had an extremely good connection to my parents, but even I had this feeling as a kid: why do all parents send their children away when they are "old enough".. (as a kid, not as a teenager ;P ) Kids still can hear and feel natures rules and want to act this way. But older generations force them in many different ways to be part of a system of dependence and enslavement. (Dear mom and dad, we all grew together, what makes me a lucky soul and I love you) How will we treat the next generations? We wish for a truly free future and a real home. For us, for the children of the future, for eveybody. Step by step we will zoom in. From the Planet to the inner feelings of humans. Let's see what we can learn. We all now about pollution of the invironment, the mind and the body but we will consciously focus on loving solutions and visions.

Have fun!

To live in harmony with nature

Living in and with nature is pure harmony. We are inextricably linked with everybody and everything and of course we ARE nature. It's like our finger would think it is separated, because the belly doesn't look alike and has other functions... We don't have to protect us from "cruel nature". We are invited to discover the abundance and goodness we live in. With permaculture, self sufficient families and living systems that enable us to be free from economically dependence, we will rock the upcoming time. The resources, we stole from the earth make problems here on the surface. Our planet is an organism!1 Sounds abstract, but let us compare the earth with the human body. If we keep going carrying blood on our outside we will have a big problem. Even a little wound hurts! If we disturb the balance of minerals inside we will soon have to deal with teeth issues, hair loss, sick bones and more.. Like the planet, we have very very small beings which live in and on us. If they are unfriendly we are in pain, get out of balance and sometimes attack our body with chemicals to get rid of these unfriendly ones.. This is what planet earth, our living Gaia, goes through.. Let us be the friendly beings on earth which understand and support the plan of nature. Not only ants, birds, racoons a.s.o. have natural habitats,2 not only deers, cats and sharks have instincts, we do also have a natural guide, a cultural and even inner knowledge.3 We just forgot and were trained into another direction. Remember. Help each other. There are lots of people who are already exploring this new lifestyle, doing pretty well, and doing a good job in the "repair the world" team. Best example for this is permaculture. A video shall help us learn easier and wih fun.4,5

Community and self sufficiency

Mankind, as a collective, has finally the chance to be free, to blossom and to show their power.

All that we can wish for a home nowadays, like electricity, a warm place, water, food and community is possible by living off the grid and there are many people that live like his already. Let's do this too! Even the worker of an electricity company can and will benefit. Open your heart. Some, that begin to do researche about the collapsing system become a little afraid. "Have to go self sufficient all by myself that me and my family survive.." We also think that to live off the grid is an extremely good idea. But here's one more thought to take away: Communities out of self sufficient familie farms will be much more effective, long lasting and provide a higher quality of living than a single self sufficient farm in the middle of nowhere. Just think about the social contacts..but also in the case of physical help, seed sharing a.s.o. Only with more an more people, there is a possibility to build new generations ;-) It gets possible for everybody to specialise with a talent beside their own work in the garden. You help, inspire and meet each other. With permaculture it is possible for everybody to have tons of food with a very short working time. In existing permaculture gardens there is surplus. Communities out of self sufficient familie farms are those who will save the world, heal our souls and our planet Gaia. Sounds too esoteric? Okay - self sufficient, naturally living people, that respect natures laws will be the ones who survive the consequences of our modern society ;)

Inspiration and old values

"To re-discover old values and to live close in touch with nature doesn't mean you have to fall back to the middle ages and to have a barbaric behaviour. That's nonsense, or just propaganda of the ruling forces."

"We are debauched!", I once declared to a friend. As a city-kid we had boundless wishes, thoughts and desires. Spoiled by fast food, fast nightlife and entertainment in all varieties. Me and Can released ourselves from this. We've just choosen a diet without any animal cruelty, with fresh food and a healthier lifestyle in general. We went on a round the world trip. With just some bugs (almost nothing), a tent, our bikes and all the time in the world.

With every night under the stars and every tree that we visited while it was raining or to protect us from the sun, we remembered that there is nothing debauched. It's just a protection, a mask that we have to take of. There is an intuition, an inspiration and lust for living! Especially with nature. Many people who had similar experiences got great inspiration and ideas for creating their gardens. They learned stitching, to make pottery, to make music and let their creativity flow into their home. Now there are places that have plenty of fruits and veggies and where life is booming. This creativity is in all of us and we all can benefit of re-discovering old values and arts. You might have many questions and yes, there are very satisfying answers. Patience..

We think it is impotant to understand that to re-discover old values and to live close in touch with nature doesn't mean you have to fall back to the Middle ages and to have a barbaric behaviour. That's nonsense, or just propaganda of the ruling forces. Of course, the people will still be cultivated. Why not? We are just invited to learn again and in new ways. We are pretty excited about this. If we stop to be needy for money, to buy stuff and recognize that we are able to create everything by ourselves or in a loving community, we are free! That gives me goosebumbs and lets me hear an heroic song in the background :D We hope you can hear it, too.

Development of ecovillages

Food that you've grown yourself is your superhero power. You have responsibility, you are indestructible healthy, self-paced and free.

Luckily, this planet has lots of places that deserve the name "ecovillage". But our personal vision of home is a bit more specialised. Especially in the case of food, that is self grown. Many of the ecovillages do have a garden but it's often not nearly enough to feed everybody to 100%. Imagine, EVERY family would have a farm of at least 1 hectare. And you know what? In Russia there is a law that every family has THIS RIGHT! These farms are full of edible plants, fruits and veggies that are even to much to eat!1 In the year 1999, Russian gardeners (35 million of them) produced 50% of the milk, 60% of meat , 77% of veggies , 87% of the fruits and 92% of the potatoes that ate produced in Russia...2 All organic <3 Gardeners could feed the world! Way more healthier, safer and more effective than modern agriculture can ever do. This principle works in every country and every culture. With the help of permaculture you can make a garden eden out of a dessert. There is another thing, that is just as important as the food. The concept of an intact and loving family. Some really do not like each other and we don't want to encourage you to open a farm with the violent father or weird second cousin, but what about your partner and the upcoming generations? At least for this direction of your family tree you might wish for a mutual home? Sadly, it is not modern anymore to stay together as a family. To be a little "conspiracy theorist" - It wouldn't be good for the prevalent system when we knew about the power of intact families. On a piece of land with this vision, there is no "only the man goes to work" and even no "the woman has also to go to work, to bring printed paper home and gives her children away for that time". No to both. The family has a big edible fruitforest and everybody, thanks to permaculture will have just a little efford so that the rest of the time you can do what you want. Everybody will care for that piece of land and even so called "adults" can play all day long ;) So the idea is to have way more stratch of land than most ecovillages. A community of many kins domains. The drawings of these kins domains you can see here, are from families, that got enough land or just plan their future and manifest their wishes. We wish you all the best.

A natural childhood

The young and upcoming generations have a lot to say. Do we listen?

Kids - most people think of playing, laughing minni humans. Maybe about their own time in school? It seems to be clear, those children should be educated. Does it have to be like this? We're used to think that kids are "not ready", yet. That we have to form and fill them. But who says what this filling should be? Maybe kids ARE ready and simply perfect as they are. They're purity. There was a time, when people knew that playing is the only thing kids need to educate THEIRSELVES! Kids will copy.1 They won't grow to a stupid farm survant just because they don't go to a public school. They will copy..You! In your natural home you still can live cultivated. You can do science, build things and phisosophize. Just because you live close in touch with nature, doesn't mean everything mankind reached will be a mysterious saga. You are reading books? The kids will try the same. You are observing nature. Kids will do it, too2 and suddenly they will tell you things about reality and life which you might never have thought of (cause you have been in school ;P) Thoughts of children are flexible. It is a mistake to think that children have to be educated, like we do nowadays. Unless you want to them to be virtuous citicens and consumers... To let them play as long as they want is way more important than we think. They are learning through these processes. In their own speed. It's THEIR life. We just have to take care of giving them a save, peaceful and loving home, that we don't burden them and that we're a good example. With just a few words we hope to make you interested in this new way of thinking about children and what they mean to this world. Cause in that case we have to learn a lot. Some toys to learn more you can find here:

Love and partnership

Your body is a temple and partnership will be holy again.

In the last passages, we zoomed near our homeplanet. We' ve seen Gaia herself and her need for love, we built communities that have the chance to live in harmony with nature again. We have seen gardens full of excellent and healthy food, met families and their children. Let's zoom even closer to the partnership between two souls. (or is it just one?)

The couple - the founder of a family, the lovers. It may be controversial, but for us and our vision of home, an intact family means that the couple lives their relationship and sexual activities in a very peaceful way and ideally relax in a faithful partnership.1 Way to early, people get sexualized and kept aroused by the media in a very sad and obviously effective way. It got "normal" and is sold us as our personal freedom. Grotesque! We have a wish for this world. More and more people shall experience the freedom in a faithful partnership and the gift of an intact family. Not only the couple but also their kids will enormously profit from this loving family.

Remember: The kids will copy :) What a splendid future.

The universe is your mirror

Coincidence or design?

Who heard about the resonance principle, yet? Or the fact, that reality is like a hologram. Put your hand up.

You can be sure universe also has "put up its hand". It's a well known philosophy: "What goes around comes around." There is a reason that all great philosophers talk about the connection between thoughts and incidents. With the heart, the human body creates an enormous magnetic field that interacts with everything.1 Really everything. We are thinking with the heart even if we don't think so :D If you study and read about scientific studies in quantum physics, you will soon come to a point where it says: "Spirituality". But that will change. Some time ago it was unimaginable that you can text someone through the air. Miles away.. within seconds... So it will also be quite normal to know about your power of mind, that comes from the heart. It says: "Pay attention to your thoughts, because they turn into words. Pay attention to your words, because they turn into actions. Pay attention to your actions, because they turn into habits. Pay attention to your habits, because they turn into character. Pay attention to your character, because it turns into your fate." Thats quite comprehansable, isn't it? We also want to entertain the sci-fi fans among you: The world is nothing but undulation. It's all about waves in different scales.. We can't see most of them. Just a tiny little range if the spectrum that we call visible light. Its absolutely tiny :D So our thoughts are just without color for US. But not for space and Time. They effect everything around you like a microwave heatens a meal...In another way of course ;) It's not only your thoughts that effect reality. Its everything effecting everything. And what happens to you is also happening in the bigger and smaller scale. You ARE, indeed, what you eat and it IS a very good idea to change yourself for the change you want to see in the world. It's not just a nice quote from a calendar with buddha pictures. It's science. It is life. <3 If you think about good things, good things will appear in your life. Happiness is not a result of anything.
It's a choice. If you are happy, Gaia and all the universes will smile for you, too.

Inner peace and the future

We hope you read lots of things here that made you smile. Let's summarize the topics.

It all began when we started to think about a life with and within nature. Suddenly we got the chance to read these gorgeous books about most of the things we where interested in.
We met people which are already livng this way and we found places, where we can imagine our home. And right now, out of reading these books, this website came up. Life is amazing. We want to thank this big being, our planet, for the space to live. We remember our nature and that everything is connected, so we are truly beloved. We can't wait for the fusion of kins domains where talents and happiness can flow. Life is a gift through our parents and we are also here to create and support life.

Existence is a big playground. Especially in this time right now, it's so necessary to remember and to learn again. The new generations will tell us much more than we can tell them. We are glad to live this life as a loving couple, watching all these miracles happen like the fact that you can literally perform magic mith your thoughts. And even this is scientifically proven, yet. May we all have a lot of fun, be healthy, happy and free.

Inspired by

A very special reading tip. Everybody, that got the tip from us os telling us from the blessing feeling while reading the books. "You begin to remember and than there is this wish for action! To get of your backside.."

The books we're talking about are the Anastasia books from Wladimir Megre. Thanks to our starbrother, we met at the beginning of our trip, we where able to read most of them every evening and enjoyed the heartwarming message. My boy read them to me, nice!
Almost everything we where talking about on HappyGaia is a little bit of what the books are about. While I was writing I could literaly hear all the questions of those who are quite new to those topics. Lots of satisfying answers and ideas you can find in the Anastasia books, why we constantly recomment them to everybody who is on this special way - finding the truth, peace and bliss. We lend them, send some texts from the internet or send the link to buy them. Also for us.. because we wish for more an more people who will build kins domains and respect nature, children, others and simply begin to remember what they are and what it's all about. We wish for more an more people who will bring happiness to Gaia. Maybe you have some questions to our texts. You can mail us here. Cause we're traveling, it could take a little time until we can answer.

You could also find some answers in the books. Before you buy them, write us a message! If you do not want to spend money and you do not need an actual book to read it, we might have a solution for you ;) For some it is an inspiring fairytail, for some the biography of the author and for others (the most I guess) a direct instruction to build your own space of love- paradise- kinsdomain.

Find out how beautiful they will affect your life. Something sensational - It has been the Anastasia books, that brought people in russia to require a law for 1 free hectare of land for each family. They made it ;) Amazing, isn't it?

Spread the word

In this time, we got a great gift. The Internet. Although its a source of bad radiation, we should and can use it wisely.
HappyGaia has a Facebookpage, where we are always happy to see likes and comments. But our hearts really begin to jump, when someone is sharing our posts.. Cause this is what it´s all about. To spread the message !


We all know these souls around us.. we want to show them this beautiful, natural dream of the future. But all videos and links are somehow full of Alien stuff, zionists, chemtrails, reducing mankind and so on. Don´t think that it´s not worth to inform yourself about these issues, but for people, that just begin to wake up, it can be to "much" or very unlikely so the important and native information about a natural life could be overseen.

With HappyGaia, we hope to give you a tool, to show your friends and relatives what your dream is about. :)
The Blog on this page will give you more videos, pictures and texts to inspire you and others. Thanks for sharing <3

Epiloque or introduction?

We decided to put this text at the end as a last gentle push. It was hard for me to stop writing anyway ;) Again, we have some questions for you: Do you believe that you can change the world? Can you imagine, that mankind could create a happy and peaceful future? (Without a law that forces a special behaviour to reach this.) I can hear people say: "Humans are lazy, greedy and power obsessed."Is that true? Maybe behind all these posed human attributes there might be the one force that drives us. It is LOVE that makes us who we are. It is the wish for meaningful acting and creating. Humans get lazy when they have to do things they don't like or in which they cannot see a meaning. For example most of the jobs today.. I don´t mention hypnotical advertising, influences of the media, poison in the air, water and environment, medication, TV and other drugs... You are not lazy! You want to act. You want to be healthy enough to move your body. Not only yourself, but others, the world. You want to be creative and to realize your own projects. You are, by far, not lazy...You are full of energy, which needs to go in the right direction.

But we are greedy, aren't we? When do you feel greed? While you are shopping or eating? What makes us take something away from others, not to give a sh** that people on the other side of the planet will die for some products that we use? Media tells us about it. Everyday. "People are dying.." Estranged we can see their tears and blood on the TV screen and the facebook timeline. Does this make us empathic or is it deaden our feelings so we can continue to be greedy? I am greedy when I am afraid..afraid of not getting enough. Although I lived in the western world where "more" should be no problem...Why is this? This fear is a result of dependence of the economy like all the big factorys, all the transport from one country to another.. we fear of not getting enough and feel like we should hoard and stockpile. Everybody who feels greed inside will find the reason (feeling of dependence) in the early childhood.. For example the loss of "real baby food", cause you where not breastfeeded long enough.. it's deep in your soul...heal this! I refuse to believe that greed is human! It is more like a psychosis which is a result of the (very human) need of safety and caring.

It is similar with power obsession, which is the wish to control things in general. And it is the fear, again, that is leading into power obsession. The fear of not being loved. Every "amateur psychologist" and everybody with knowledge of the human nature will see this reason with power obsessed people. Nobody (who is mentaly healthy) wants power over others.. Why should we want it? Makes no sense at all. If you experience love from your partner, your friends or even "strangers", you don't want to control it. It's the other way around. You want to let it happen. Not only in the case of medicine-people start to realize that you won't heal anything by fighting against symptoms. You have to know the cause to cure the disease. We falsely believe that greed, power obsession and lazyness are our cause, so we would not be able to build a peaceful future. But these three are just the symptoms! We have to realize what's truly human and that this is what drives us! It's the wish to spend secure, to help, to live in peace with nature, to be creative and of cause to be pure Love <3 Doesn't this sound like absolutely great values, we can build our future with? Let us create a paradise home together and make Gaia happy again :D

Thanks for visiting HappyGaia. As you can see she smiles lovely

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