Big water is watching you

Natural HomesNatural HomesOkay, after we talked about home, we want to explore everything within this sphere. Animals, plants, us, minerals... The nature itself. Did you already hear about Dr. Emoto's rice experiment? (plz google it) To sum it up, it's about the need to expand our consciousness and to get aware of what is able to memorize. Such as water does! If you look at the crystalline form of water you soon begin to understand that it's not far away from what we to with computer chips. Water can see, can memorize and hold these informations. As water is in us and all around us we understand that we are constantly informing our environment and get informed by it. As a conscious gardener you can inform your plants with yourself, through your urine,RohkostRohkost or putting seeds into your mouth before you plant them. That will allow the plants to create the best fruit for you, even to support healing processes for YOU and your family, if this is necessary. So self grown food is not only a political statement or a good way to live independent, it is even more that just "not full of chemicals". It gives you back the love you gave the plants, it nourishes you in the best way. It is YOUR food. Nature loves you so much. Be aware of this and let go fears that force you to be dependent from the system...Forget about the manipulating animal documentaries where you are told that nature is just about fighting and surviving. Understand that nature will defend you, feed you, support you! Simply go by the natural laws, flow with its spirit. Nature and you- this is a love-story.. read it <3

To extend the topic our article "To live in harmony with nature"

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