Inner peace and future - where are we heading?

It was supposed to be a sweaty and tropical "Hola, amigos" but now we are sitting at an altitude of 3.400m, yet, watching the handsome Alpacas of the Andes in South America. It was a long Blog-Holiday.. we miss you :)

Before we went off to the american continent, we posted some detailed articles that belong to all our sections on our HappyGaia Website. Let´s pretend we did not crawl under the radar for almost half a year and let´s just continue with our posts ;)

"Inner peace and the future". Oh wow, who wrote such big words?^^ Peace..especially from the inside. This sounds difficult but seems to work. We could all need this inner peace. Would be so easy if just all the circumstances were right.. And also the future is easy to plan - If just all the circumstances will be right ;)Sometimes you win, sometimes you learnSometimes you win, sometimes you learn

Mother earth is waiting for our action. Not only a nice talk in the vegan forum but real action. Put your hands in the dirt <3

On our journey we met amazing beings, from which you believe they only exist in documentaries about the climate change. People who have a lot of knowledge, share their knowledge and collect more of it. People who stand up for animals, who plant seeds in the ground and in the heads of others. People with great ideas and those who share or support these inventions. We met organic gardeners, who save rare seeds. We met permaculturists, who restore rain forests. Raw-vegan kids, who promote their lifestyle in front of their school friends. We met eco-village creators, community members, mothers who shed light upon the danger of vaccination and people who find easy ways to do more things by yourself, as webbing and making your own clothes. We met dentist students who work with alternative medicine and shamans who opened their heart and home for us <3

Amazing examples, right?

This article is about how to create future. Inner peace is an important tool, and we all know that just a tiny mail or other little nonsense can disturb our harmony in a second. What a challenge. But it´s worth it. They say energy flows where the attention goes. So focusing on the positive things, on what we will accomplish is another tool for building the future we want to happen.Inner peace and future - where are we heading?Inner peace and future - where are we heading?

Even in such different worlds, like those we are currently exploring, we experience grace and also manifest our wishes faster than expected. The force behind is to be thankful. We all know this from all our purple covered books and we totally go for it. To be happy in the moment you make your wish, as if it came true already, will magnetically attract what you want to happen. Of cause, it get´s easier if you made the experience that it works ;)

Let us create our future!
What are we doing, for example, besides traveling around? Well, we share ideas, touch nature with love and show action by choosing food from a farmers market or an own garden. Our mission is the reconnection with mother nature, through being gentle with her. But also a diet free from cruelty and good for the human body. We share recipes and advice others, we love to garden, spread our blowball-inspirations on the internet and are happy about all YOUR ideas for action. Above all we are un-learning and learning! For our growth and our future. What an important aspect. If there is something else we want you to bring near in this article is the ability to be open, to learn, to change and to grow. Be honest. That makes life so much easier and so much more funny. There are many things that can make our planet a happy Gaia :)

Our future is a healthy planet populated by beings that are in harmony with themselves. And what about being in harmony with nature? Of cause we are. Because we will remember that we ARE nature. All we need to be is truly be in harmony with ourselves.

With love,
Can and Jen

By Jen

To plan. Is that possible? We dance with two effective and wonderful philosophies. On the one hand it´s accepting and loving what is happening right now and on the other hand it´s not being lazy with your mind. It´s creating in mind, drawing beautiful pictures, that even destiny is willing to follow.

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