Sexy relationships with plants?

Usually we tend to believe that a sexual act should be within our boundaries of species.
But there is something about us and plants we cant deny. We are a part of theys sexuality every time we eat their fruits.
And oh they love it ;)


In fact there is research about how plants, or lets better say fruit trees, are training us .. They and us make a perfect symbiosis... They make the pulp around the fruit not only tastier, so we would eat their fruits and spread the seeds, they also provide the perfect balance of hormone active substances that make us smarter so we can collect their seeds. We choose the best ones and even plant them if we did not already shit the tiny ones out with our natural fertilizer...


We are part of their sexual act, of their reproductive system. We plant them, and "make babies" from their seeds. It might not arouse us and give us funny feelings in the root chakra and this is probably why nobody would ever say he has a sexual relationship with plants. Still fruits are used in erotic pictures.. Eating a strawberry or a cherry is often used to highlight the beautiful lips of a woman..or Cans ears ^^


And oh, what dirty shapes they make, litte pigs, these fruits, aren´t they ;)


Even without getting aroused we can get more spiritual awakened about eating fruit and what that means to planet earth, to this whole life circle, to our meaning! We are very aware of our sexual relationship with the fruit trees and its an honor to be part of this creation, it gives you the chance to understand sexuality in general and not to confuse it with being horny.


For us it says a lot about the meaning of life and underlines our decision of being gardeners, permaculturists, raw-vegans and more .. We sometimes joke about making a "tree religion" ;)

We are just making a future project to live close in touch with nature, you might enjoy supporting our selfsustained eco village out of lush gardens.

If you are interested in knowing more about the relationship of humans and fruit trees we highly recommend the book left in the dark .. Here you can download it for free! Do this, its a life changer in many good ways.



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