Sexy zones of Perú.. Wet and warm!

We explore the tropical regions

At the beginning of april, we finally visit the big property for sale near Quillabamba. A seven hour busride through the Sacred Valley of the Inkas, up an very high hill and down again into the amazon direction. Nature promptly changes into a tropical flora.


Quillabamba itself is a horrible little town, much to loud and dirty and way to much plastic crap to buy.. No culture here..
At least the weather is just perfect. The next day we take a taxi to the family who will guide us to the property up hill.
The father, Alcides, proudly shows us his garden and beehives.


It's time to hike. We do a good job, rocking this jungle path up hill in just two hours insted of the 4-5 hours Alcides calculates for visitors.
We make a stop at the stunning property of Alcides father, whom we bring tuna cans, bread and his grandson to play with :-)


We realize already.. This is way to humid to have a relaxed life up here... But indeed...this is one of the purest nature experiences ever! In the middle of nowhere and so beautiful!!
We still visit the property for sale stay for some minutes, breathing the freshest air in our lives and than return, going down. The last hour in total darkness, guided by fireflys and so many stars that there is almost no black anymore in the nightsky.

Our knees hurt, but this was such a stunning day.
The next day we take a time out at Siete Tinajas.. A unique waterfall not far from Quillabamba.


In the evening we meet our couchsurf Yuri :) The next day he takes us to his work and his boss Ivan, who speaks german. They are working for the government one town north, called Quellouno, and their job is to manage way to much projects like sexy-zones-of-peru-22.jpgwaste management, reforestation, preserving nature, education, tourism and more..

We have been invited to teach the children english, IT and help with the tourism project, to get free fruits from the surrounding farmers, a desk, secretaries and a little flat..
We are overwhelmed.. We might take that oportunity later..
Ivan books us and his other german volonteer Bettina a car so we explored some waterfalls and fincas around the area.

These have been powerful days. Back in Cusco, we fall in our bed, richer in impressions, opportunities and some mosquito bites.
We enjoy the silence and also the cold..

On our way back to Cusco:


What comes next?Find out at our next travel article

Blessings to you!
Can and Jen


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