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Our friend Roberto has an interesting Job. He walks along new borders. With a little adventure team and a proper GPS system he walks through the south of Perú, known and unknown areas climbs up the trees to get a good signal and sets the borders of the world maps.


His team often has a sociologist with them, cause although they try to avoid it, they sometimes meet uncontacted tribes in the amazon. His team sets up the boders to protect them from the growing civilisation. A good and hard job! There have been some tribe bosses, who would have loved to shoot them all down with arrows. Roberto has seen wild people, who escape or are shy like wild animals, who can only see at night and who got addicted by cookies, they brought. This is why it's not allowed anymore and the sociologist who accompanies his team also kicked out every plastic, cause it frightens the wild brothers and sisters. Neighbors monkey "Pedro"Neighbors monkey "Pedro"But one of the most interesting things - Roberto has not seen one, not one of them, cooking their food. Even the tribes who eat fish, eat it raw! The ones who discovered fire, only use it to protect themselves from jaguars in the night but do not heat up their food! Wheren't we told our brains got so big from cooking food? ^^ Well.. sadly the wonderfully wild people sometimes get in contact with us and if they live in the cities they learn the language and are not any less intelligent than others.. well.. they can be even MORE intelligent through thinking with the heart. My rawfood friends, dont ever let you tell it's wrong to eat raw or that our ancestors made the right thing with roasting flesh above the fire. Rawfood is totally working here in the jungle, where our roots are, where life is womb like <3

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