Starting our new life

Anais Nin
Anais Nin


We made these words come true.

To live our values means for us to travel the world. It also means we have to bike through Brandenburg, that looks, in fact, much better than it appears from the freeway..

We drove through beautiful fields, have been breathing real air and forgot the stress of the city. We started to feel that this isn't just a holiday journey, but our new life.

In the high noon heat we feel like we are in an exotic country. The saddle is so hot that we have to close our eyes like we meditate when we take place...phhhhhh...

Light at the end of the tunnel
Light at the end of the tunnel

After we struggled 68 km to feel like being “away”, we found our first place to camp. Thank you, forest edge :)

first tent space
first tent space

Be loved,
Can and Jen


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