The 2nd day on our round the world trip

We wake up in Jerichow. didn’t make it to Israel ;) but our Jerichow has a “w” ^^

Still at the east side of the elbe we try to find a way or a bridge to go around the flood. We meet lot’ s of helpful people and in the end we are allowed to sleep in the community hall. thank you Jerichow.

Hochwasser in Schönhausen
Hochwasser in Schönhausen

A lovely night, a crumpled morning. While driving 56km we did not notice how done we are..we also did not really get hungry. With some power raw food snacks like dates and apples we felt perfectly fit. Only the muscles say hello and are pushing us back to the sleeping mat.

Can am navigieren
Can am navigieren

Nevertheless we can’t wait to be on the bikes again. We enjoy our white horses and the flying feeling through the north of Germany.

be loved,
Can und Jen'


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