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img_8422.jpgJen and I have recently been cleaning the area around the house of a friend. We had a lot of time to think about an idea to make our planet beutiful again. It goes like this: At the place you want to clean nature you take your smartphone with the "CleanMe" app and check in via GPS. You make some "before" pictures and start to clean the area and make photos afterwards as well, maybe add some comments and upload everything as soon as you have good internet connection. Why should people do this? Of cause we will all benefit from a clean planet, but let's say companies can sponsor prices, that will be given away through a ranking system.. you can get points for cleaning, or offering a compost pile in your garden for organic waste others collect.. To make sure everything is fair there can be security functions in the app like it's only possible to take the photos inside the app, it has to be the same timestamp like the gps check-in and such things..

Throwing away trash.. but where is "away"?

You probably know that most of our trash ends up in third world countries.. that's not away.. that's just out of our view. Of cause all organic waste can and should be composted. But what about plastic? And what does artificial mean? All components come right out of nature. It's just that we extract them, concentrate them or combine them through chemical processes. Still we are part of nature and so is this new material. Will nature be able to break it down? YES. The question is: "How fast?" And will Gaia party the clean decades without us if we don't help her cleaning up our mess?

img_8411.jpgHere comes "Pestalotiopsis microspora".

This is a fungi that breaks down plastic. Well.. only a special type of plastic - Polyurethanes. For us this is an evidence for natures ability to break down everything. The fungi can live only from polyurethanes even withouth oxygen. You could make big piles of plastic and add this fungi.. There should be a lot of research about this! We cannot programm a "CleanMe" app but maybe you can? Or you can do other research in all the topics we talked about. Be inspired! Let's make Gaia happy again, together <3


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