Urban Permaculture

Hello Permies :)

Do you live in a city and would love to do green roofs, balcony gardening and more? Permaculture is on your side. In fact, you will be more productive per squaremeter than your farmer friend that has several hectares. WHY?

It's easy - because you can care much more for one squaremeter than for 10.000 at the same time :)

With Permaculture, humankind has the chance and a powerfull tool to repair urban and ugly spaces and make them into a life supporting, effective and beautiful place.


It's a lot of fun to put your hands in the dirt - join the permaculture movement, especially if you live in a city. Permaculture , as well as natural building brings people together, builds communities and supports great conversations and learning possibilities :) Have fun at your urban terrain <3

If you want to inform yourself through videos you'll want to google:  "urban permaculture", "green roofing", "small scale gardening", "backyard garden", "horizontal gardening" and your own questions :)



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