We are now starting a self sustainable eco village in Perú

We are finally building a place many people dream of. Living in an aware and loving community in pure nature with yummy fruits and best climate - you and I make it true now!

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We are funding to buy a lot of hectares of forest, living space and many clean water springs in Perú to create a self sustainable eco village. We focus on:

  • Living off the grid
  • Permaculture and growing 100% of the food
  • A raw-vegan lifestyle, healthy nutrition, no animal cruelty
  • Home- and no-schooling
  • Building and living with natural materials
  • A so called "moneyless society", creating a mentality of giving
  • With this land we will ensure a save and natural living for many families. Each of our future neighbors will get one hectare for free **yes for free!** to build their home and garden on. That means every donator is possibly investing in his own future!

Your donation creates..

- Together, we will protect virgin rainforest, rare animals and plants and - so important - pure and clean water springs, that are directly heading to the Amazon.

- Together we create a space for people, Peruvians or not, to live totally free and self sustainable and close in touch with nature.

- With your help, we create a role-model of an autarkic, free life.

- This donation supports gardens full of healthy fruits and vegetables, gardens that will benefit our planet, climate, awareness..

- You might visit us one day and taste those fruits or become our neighbor, live with us from what you once supported :-)

If you are considering to get here, or want more info regarding the eco village structure and idea, please contact us! We are happy to meet you.
Our hands and hearts are excited, let's build the future!
Please donate what is possible for you and help get this vision become true.

We will now give you some more information about us, the land and the vision:

One hectare of land in the area we are interested in costs about 3000 euro.
To have enough space to protect areas and living space, to grow a big variety of fruits and veggies, we have to get at least 60 hectares, that would cost around 180.000 euro. The more the better!
Thats a lot of zeros, isn't it? But we are sure, this funding project will hit that amount easily.

All funded money will directly be used to buy land in the first place, than will be used for bureacrattical necessities and finally for seeds and everything that is directly linked to build this eco-village. Wood, clay and more building materials come from the land, so the houses for example will not need any funding :)
Each hectare is important. No matter how much this crowdfunding will accomplish, the land of any size and its people will have a beautiful time.
So this is all about is getting space. Saving land, one of the most precious values here on earth.


Our Vision - the community
Actually making this eco-village project come true means a lot to us and devides in many wonderful topics and purposes.

  • As a self sustainable community we want to be an example of a new, simple and beautiful way of life.
  • As people who are locally and fully living of the land and as former citizens of the first world countries who understood and reject its fatal trends, we want to inspire and encourage the Peruvians in their ancient knowledge and intuition that Gaia is a living organism.
  • From the shamans and wise people here we want to learn, what we forgot in our "civilized world", like webbing, building with natural materials, knowing the plants, herbs and energies of this place and much more.
  • We want to create a place to live an be. No public retreat or so but when the community is settled we will for sure invite many people to see and copy what we did here.
  • As autarkic people we want to be a so called "money less society/community" without using money at all, at least inside the boundaries of our land. This is a giving mentality that we base on the self sustainable live, where nobody needs to be afraid of having not enough.
  • We live in peace with animals. We want them to thrive, to LIVE and to be free souls. So we won´t hunt our friends, or eat them. This land here is just perfect to live a very healthy plant based and even raw diet.

This project is highly inspired by the Anastasia books from Vladimir Megre. Also a reading tip ;)


About us:
We are a german couple, Can and Jennifer, and traveled the world since summer 2013 to find a natural, save Home. You can read about our adventures on our travel blog www.HappyGaia.com/globetrawter/blog

After more than two years of detailed research, we finally found an optimal climate, nice people, clean water and stunning nature - Perú
Right now it`s just the two of us here and a hand full of families and friends that want to come here for sure to be our neighbors. Do you want to be one of them? Write us a message! We are happy to welcome new community members and like minded people to create a nice neighborhood, where children and us will have many friends to play and live our nature as social beings. Also with many children there is the possibility for a further generation of tree hugging people ;D
Oh yes, this is us. We love nature, eat raw vegan and enjoy self made, compostable, natural colored and healthy things. We are thankful and excited to be right here, right now in our lives to create something splendid with you.


About Perú and the land
Perú is a tropical land in the south of the globe near the equator. All year around the sun will kiss your skin and dry your clothes and everyday there will be crystal-clear water streams to drink from and little lakes to take a bath in.
We have experienced a lot of climates, from the south of Europe, to Thailand, Australia, Costa Rica and Colombia and finally found our favorite here in the south of Perú. A perfect mixture out of the tropics and a temperate climate. Here, the mountains are kissing the Amazon rainforest and build a very human friendly and lush nature to live in.
We invite you to feel the magic of these locations, through our words, our pictures or maybe in real as our guest or neighbor :-) Participate in our new, natural future!


Share and support this grounded project to actually make a difference, a real step into a life close in touch with nature and a real role model for a better world!

Please share and talk about this crowdfunding with everybody who might be interested in any way <3 This is now! Now is the time to gather and help each other.
You can inspire many people to donate for a raw-vegan self sustainable eco village!
Every donation will buy a piece of sacred soil here in Perú and will save it, let it be home for fruit trees and happy children of mother earth.

We are the generation to protect nature and regain the harmony.
Be a part of it and feel your heart jump :-)

This is a very profound project, support us creating a future worth living!
Thank you so much and be excited for what happens :) We will keep you up do date!
You can come with us on the journey to a healthy future through our blog articles and see how your donation sweetens the world :)

Love and gratitude, Can and Jen , the neighbors and the rainforest :)

Big donations from private persons or companies can be placed as „sponsoring“ in the video and on this website :) Please contact us

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