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Addicted to blogging

We can pass the Elbe-Bridge. Yay, let’s go to Stendal to buy apples and dates. But that did’t happen. In a fruit storehouse we met an angel that gave us lots of raw food for 2 days..

Thankfully we drive to Stendal, where we find free wi-fi to write the first blog posts :)

As it’s getting darker and darker we have to find a place to sleep, so we finish blogging and camp outside of Stendal.

As we open our eyes we decide to drive to 7 Linden. An eco village 80 km away. It’s so sandy that it’s even difficult to push the bikes. At the end of the day the wood gets filled with the sound of our exhausting laughing flash..

What we’ve learned:

Raw food is a superhero diet
Baby cows and mother cows do NOT like to be seperated
Effort sweat do not smell (maybe it’s because of the diet)
And we are a homorous, efective team.

Be loved,
Can & Sascha

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