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Raw-vegan Camembert "cheese" with coconut bread

You need:

  • A coconut with thick flesh
  • 2 cups of flax seeds
  • Cumin and Cuminpowder
  • Salt
  • 2 Avocados or a big one
  • 1 lemon
  • 3 big carrots
  • Honey or a paste of dates
  • A litle piece of Ginger

Start one day earlier

Blend the coconut meat with water and squeeze it through a nut milk bag.

Put the milk into the fridge and the pulp in a bowl and mix it with one cup of half grinded linseeds (so that there are powdered ones and whole ones) the humidity of the coconut pulp should be enough to make the linseeds sticky. If not, add a of bit water to get a formable dough. Put some cumin and salt, mix well and form little bread snack patties. Dehydrate or just leave them on a plate until the next day. You can also add sunflowerseeds and/or sesame.

Next day you will find coconut cream on top of the liquid.

Carefully skim it and mix it with half a lemon, a good amount of salt (cheese is salty), with avocado, just a bit powdered cumin and mix it with a fork. Than add step by step very well powdered linseeds until the consistency reminds you of camembert cheese.

Try it..it is sooo good!

Make a salad out of gratet carrots with a dressing of lemon, salt, honey or date paste and a bit ginger.

Enjoy the unbelievable satisfying dish ♡

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