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Christmas in Cusco Perú

Perú was a spanish colony, so the crazy christmas vibes are present on the plaza, the markets and sometimes show up as very western views of the world.. like this. :D

Days before christmas the peruvians made sure they will get a booth to sell at the christmas market. Today, on the 24. of december we jumped right into the consuming crowd to meet our friend Alberto at the plaza.

*snapshot to the left, *snapshot to the right, to show you what’s going on here. Especially we love the chtistmas trees.

They sell selfmade and mostly very colorful stuff like wooden tractors to play with, christmas figures and heats that make you look like a sweet alpacca baby ♡

The people themselves also love the colorful lifestyle. Execpt for the police :(

Enternainement will find you at every corner here. Kids have fun with the young clowns and the balloons and for adults there is music and fast food. It smells like burned flesh in fat or like burned carbohydrates in sugar… very funny what we once liked to eat. We are happy, that the market with fresh fruits is not far away.

And also New Year is almost there. People will darken the sky with their fireworks, although every year there is a demonstration against the loud fireworks from people with pets. And now hold your breath.. here they see yellow underwear as a sign of luck at new years eve… so every damn store is selling pee-colored panties.. oh my.. this makes the Llama smile, too ;D

Beloved ones, we wish you a wonderful time at the end of this year and send you kisses. Without a lot of saliva, although the Llama wishes so ;)

Can & Sascha

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