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Our journey from Costa Rica to Colombia:

It began when we realized that we don’t want to stay in Costa Rica although everything seemed to be so perfect on the internet ;P With tears in our eyes we made the freeing decision to tramp south, when our volunteering is over. We began to see more clearly and have been very released, almost euphoric. We felt there is something pulling us south. Also our friend Gita, who joined us in Costa Rica, was happy about the idea and arranged everything so we could live with her family in Colombia. She was married to a Colombian man and her son was just there…perfect. We still get our goosebumbs while watching this amazing movie, called Life. Gita decided to pay all flight tickets, cause tramping was not her first choice ^^ Thank you for this! We just flew over the last snippet of middle america and BOOM !!!!

You’re in another world.. SOUTHamerica.. A culture shock, a dry heat, chaos, change the buses on the highway without knowing why.. where is the luggage? Somebody put it somewhere..thank god.. Everybody wants you to be their costumer, they are honking, screaming.. what’s this horrible music in the bus and why is it so loud? and..

Some ours later we arrive in the small fisher/hippie village Taganga, where Gita’s family prepared a little hut for us. We lay down on the cold tiles. Relax..

Gita takes us to a fairy tail walk through the night in Taganga. We enjoy the street artists and the silky water of the caribbean bay. We are totally impressed by the natural roofs, which are made out of webbed palm leafs and protect very good against the heavy rain.

They even last the strong winds. Searching for a natural roof? Done. People in Colombia smile a lot! They dance and sing and play. They do and love artwork, especially on the streets. With our milk and sugar-free mango shake, we sit down on the stones near the beach. The fisher-boats peacefully bob up and down and the light of Taganga makes the tiny waves of the bay appear like glitter.

So the next weeks we live in Taganga, getting fruits from the market in Santa Marta which is the bigger town just 10 minutes away. The busses are like little clubs, with music so loud you can’t talk. Also the neighbours love their three hit-list songs. They love them loud. Always. And nobody dares to say something. Cause he might also like to hear his music loud one day.. A real culture does indeed exist. In the hearts of the indigenous Kogis, who life up in the mountains. They sometimes show up in their white dresses and shy attitude.

Taganga is hot and dry. The sand makes brooming to the most practiced hobbie and the heat makes us sleep long. We are wasted..our mind tries to process what happens in Costa Rica. We spend a lot of time near our little hut, doing nothing but drinking mangos. You bite a little hole in these special mangos, squeeeeeze and drink them. YUMMI!

Colombia is cheap. So cheap that it might be possible to buy some land.. But, please, not without stress. Cause stress is an important part of the lifestyle, here. It goes like this: “You want to buy land? Are you aware that there might come gangsters with guns, charging money for no reason, or kidnap your family if you don’t want to pay? That it is RIGHT next to the drug-street? That YOU might be kidnapped? That your camera will be stolen? That there was just another Kogi killed in the mountains? Well… thank you.. that’s exactly what you want to hear, isn’t it? How positive can you stay? For me it was quite a harsh test and I had my problems not to have little heart attacks when the new years eve fireworks have been shot too early in december.. So I started to think about all the stories I’ve heard about killed fathers and club owners. What do they all have in common? Right - they had to do with drugs.. They sold them, took them or allowed them in their rooms.. All those souls rest in peace, but the resonance-principle works in all directions. We met a young “blonde” family that bought some hectares in the mountains and feel save there for years. They just don’t do anything with drugs.. might that be their “secret”? ;) So to all of you, who think about living in Colombia - We think it’s a nice place, if you are nice, too :)

Also the people that live in Colombia just experienced a lot of pain and war.. they don’t trust the peace and have to tell you their stories… We understand.

So we jumped around, as usual, with our smiling hearts and partner-look tourist like bags and everything went fine. But we left our camera home.. that’s why there are almost no pictures from Colombia. Haha. Sorry for that :D

I was not able to let go the thoughts about the people and their drugs and it made me so sad. It was not possible for us to be at the fruits market without the sellers yelling at us, grabbing a plastic bag and through in everything we just looked at.. Too many people with the eyes wide open and hectic thoughts and behaviors. Stress seems really to be the most popular feeling. It may come from the cocaine.. I just guess.

We were happy to have our own little hut in the backyard of Gita’s family to plan our next trip. Colombia did not hold us.

There was one place that had the potential to do so. The “paso del mango”, we visited with Gita and her son. One big river and some waterfalls - a dream. Definitely a place to visit and experience. The big trees of the rainforest shaded the strong sunlight, the crystal clear water was delicious and only the presence of the twirling water was healing. A beautiful flora spread next to us, behind us, under us.. and we forgot that some kilometers away there is something like a “modern city”..

With our believe in peace, also in Colombia, we could have stayed. Why we didn’t ? Who knows? We got that feeling again, to go south, something pulls us there..we had that inner knowing.. also life had it’s plans for us..

What we UN-learned in Colombia:

  • To sleep with a cover
  • To look as if you have money

What we DID learn in Colombia:

  • To dehydrate raw food in the sun
  • To carry water everyday for everything
  • and..oh.. still scorpions on the floor if you want to got to the bathroom at night..

We got a crappy, new cellphone here (our old one died of humidity in Costa Rica) that had the honor to make an unsharp goodbye photo of Taganga :) Here it is:

With a lot of love and gratitude, we think about our month in Colombia. May there be peace with you, Colombia ♡

Kisses all over the world,
Can & Sascha

by Sascha

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