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Following the sun

Who would have thought that a little town in north germany would capture our attention so long and so lasting. We didn’t ^^

It was a beautiful surprise of life with Andrej, Kamil and Thomas. Spending time with you has been fantastic.

To say goodbye, we all meet at Thomas’ manor. We get springwater, forehead kisses and good wishes for our way. Our little cedarwood will always remind us of your friendship ♡

Since nine days we are biking again. The airflow wispers: “go on..” and the sun is magicaly pulling us south. We can see the first hills over there.

Our condition gets better and better. These days we had a lot of willpower. We decided to give some clothes away to loose weight. Can’s turkish bloodline is showing. Uhh, sexy brown baby ;)

It must have been some of the hottest days this year..we wake up pretty early to bike when it’s not that hot, yet. A loooong break till evening, and then biking again to find a place to sleep. Before the break we ask for second choice fruits in supermarkets or farm shops. After many “no, we’re not allowed” in Göttingen, we found an organic fruit wholesaler where we got a lot of raw stuff. Thank you so much. THATS a “happy meal” ;)

In Celle we even got a capo for the guitar for free :-)

And also nature wanted to be mentioned in our blog.

Mulberries, mulberries, mulberries…

Cristal clear lakes to take a bath and refresh. Wishes come true.

We wished for a place to sleep without mosquitos, with a sunset view, water, a tree with fruits.. in the next 15 minutes.

Ten minutes later we found ourselves on a playground hill to see the sunset, with a lot of cherry trees and friendly people. The local newspaper even made an interview with us ^^

Our personal, little sensation took place in Sibbesse, the village where Sascha’s Grandpa lived. We slept in our hammock for the first time. A-ma-zing!

After that experience we decided to sleep without the tent. Looks like this: the bags are connected to the bikes, with each other and we are connected to the stars,
and with you ♡

Be loved,
Can & Sascha

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