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French kiss :*

And here we go! We arrived in France and our english blog is born. Thank you Germany, for 1.208 km, 57 days and so much raw food for free. Thank you for the people, that hosted us, supported us and have spend time with us. Here you can see the map, where we have been, and other facts for our homeland Germany.

We tried to write something more emotional, but with tropical countries in mind we cannot get “sad” ;-) So, hey Germany. Maybe you get less cold someday so we meet again. Or you get letters from us, eh blogposts :-)
Here are the last photos of Germany:

Kisses and hugs from your children Can & Sascha.

What’s new and what about the kissing thing?
Our plan to travel to Geneva has been destroyed by a street sign… it said “France” in this direction.

We looked at each other and OF CAUSE we pedaled towards the ferry.

Haha. And now we’re here. We got kissed by France in various ways. Through absolutely gorgeous ripe fruits,

gently couch surf hosts,

beautiful cities like Strasbourg and supportive supermarkets.

We got kissed by the bikeways on the canal “Rhône-au-Rhin” and wild places to sleep.

We learned a bunch of french sentences and remember a lot of vocabulary from school, so it’s getting easier and easier to communicate in french here.

They like it and it’s fun :-)

Most important news: we got free, fresh figs! What else to say.. Uh ♡

Today we are in Bensançon, a place on earth with a charming historic city

and even an old castle. It’s all getting more “mediterranean”

and the landscape is supervising us every day.

While biking through nature we have a lot of time to talk about the awesomeness of our life :D Haha. Seriously. It’s fantastic ♡

Taking a tree-shower, eating fresh fruits, saving food from supermarkets, breathing the fresh air feels so right ♡

We hope our pictures let you smell the fruits, feel the happiness and inspire you to go to natural places.

Be loved,
Can & Sascha

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