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Why YOU will save the world with permaculture

Dear Permies ♡

We thank you for being with us through all the five parts of our permaculture articles.
Now it’s your turn. Cause it is everyone of us who will save the planet by applying what we learn about permaculture. Get started with a worm compost, a normal compost, greening roofs, putting swales on your land, cleaning grey water naturally and much much more!! Especially composting is a very good and fun first step you can take :) This video shows one possibility to compost. Please also google for other and bigger composting.


Learn more about permaculture in your area or in online courses. If you can spend some money for this, find “permaculture design courses” in your area or also online. We highly recommend every information from “Geoff Lawton” who’s teaching permaculture design.

But there are also possibilities if you do not have money for this. Here’s an ebook:

and you will also find a lot of free information online.

Stand up for your rights to have a clean and pure planet :)
Love all over the world,
Can & Sascha

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