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Land of the Inka

A little game: Where are we? Tip: There is a cartoon, whose King has the name of the city we are right now.. Got it?
Okay..he gets spellbounded into a Llama! That’s easy now :D

Yes, it’s CUSCO. We are in the south of Perú :)
In the former capital of the Inkas. Between the lake Titicaca and the crystal city Machu Picchu.

When we also felt not good in Columbia, I was drawing a world map, closed my eyes and let the pencil fall down. It landed on the south of Perú and I asked my intuition, why I feel so restless and where in the world we would settle down. I also felt a little afraid cause all of the horror stories of Columbia. My inner answer came immediately: ” Everything is okay, you will be surprised”..

Some days later, we surfed on the internet and looked for some eco projects in south america. One in Perú got our attention and we sent a mail. The project did not exist anymore, but their land is for sale. We instantly knew: We will go there, no matter what. As soon as we decided this our hearts felt released like if they would say “Finally you got it!”

“You will be surprised”..

Yes we where quite surprised about us going to a place where we thought would only grow some moss on rocks in a cold altitude..(That’s not the case btw ^^)
So we start our six night bus trip south. In Spain we lived with my mom, in Costa Rica we worked as volunteers for accomandation and food and in Colombia we lived with Gitas family.. Where, how and why we’ll live in Perú? We did not know but we DID know that we have to go there. NOW.

The horrific bus ride

:D Let me tell you how nice it is to sleep six nights in a bus, drive all day, stop at the most %”(§&%”) gas station toilets, have perfume sellers come in with windows that are not made to open them with loud music in the middle of the night and splatter movies on the screen which sound mixed up with the loud and too cold air condition xD.. it was such a nice experience :D

So we went through Colombia. We went through Equador and finally reached Perú.
A sandy desert at the pacific coast.. all the way down to the capital Lima. There we straight walked into one of the two raw food restaurants. I barely had such an excellent gourmet raw food my friends…

Again we take a bus and go to Cusco. 22 hours across the Andes with others having altitude sickness and puking into their plastic bags. Beside that there is a stunning view.. the big nothingness is telling me how small we are how sacred life is.

I am in love with this scenery. A knowing silence. We are so near to the sky, you can hear the thoughts of the gods.
This picture shows the landscape quite near to the famous Nazca lines. The street goes right through the lines, but it was dark and we probably have been sleeping at that time we passed the lines ^^

We drive down the hill again and nature becomes more lush… it kind of looks like Germany.. dandelion and clover on juicy green grasslands..feels cozy.
We visit the local, you name it, RAW FOOD restaurant :D
There we have a nice chat with the owner, a Shaman, who invites us to his house. We help gardening and are allowed to stay in one of the apartments for free. We feel absolutely blessed and are, indeed, surprised ;)
Life is magical just like this place. It is said, that the kundalini energy of the earth just moved from tibet to the Andes here around the lake Titicaca. It’s not like your hair is electrically charged but you can definitely feel that there is something going on here.. It’s in the air, in every breath you take. It’s unimaginable. You have to experience. The people are so extraordinary friendly and sweet. The indio faces and the traditional lifestyle of the locals let us melt away.

Perú is the country with the most indigenous population. They speak Quechua, but nowadays also spanish/castellano. The faces you see here remind me of the tibetans. If fact we were told, that the tibetans once came here… so they walked all the way across the Bering Strait and all the way down until they found mountains as high as they knew ;D
I have mongolian ancestors.. That might be the reason I feel so intensely connected to the people here ♡

We also love the big variety of fruits in Peru. Cause of the Andes you have almost all climates here.. You can have cabbage and apples or mediterranean olives and figs and also jungle food like bananas, jackfruit and sapote.. Amazing!
The peruvians also love fresh juices and fruits.. nice to see people eating raw food all day long :D But they also love to eat guineapig ..Well ^^


Time mashine

For us the time is standing still. Yes, we had to get some good pullovers and wool socks but we feel like home. Everything is so tranquillo here.

Mallku, our host, is such a type of a soul. We are so thankful for his presence and actions ♡ He also introduced us to Sahar, the most funniest lady in the world. She made our days at the restaurant from Mallku to unforgettable times. But “off she fucked”..(sorry, a little insider^^) We miss you. Come back Sahar :D

The land that was for sale had to wait. It’s seven hours bus ride away from Cusco and the rainy season began (erosions). So we took a break. Just stayed… have been…
Unexpected, we enjoyed the cooler weather (like a german spring/summer) without mosquitos and much more energy to move your ass. After three month we had to cross the border to renew our visa for Perú. We choose Chile. Just after we crossed the border my heart felt squeezed.. I missed Perú ^^ So we went back immediately and got 183 days visa. Party time! :D

There is so much to say about Perú. About the locals, the culture, the art, the life here and about the tropical regions..
You can meet amazing people here. Gringos (foreigners) and locals. You can have extraordinary spiritual conversations. Yes, the tourism in Cusco is one of a kind but there is also an ancient culture that is bonded to Perú immutable.

Perú got us - We are home!

That’s how it is. Right now we are looking for land to settle down here in paradise.
With this beautiful information we end our first Perú article. Enjoy the pictures. There will be more about magical Perú in the next articles :)

Love to you,
Can & Sascha

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