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User question: More details about hair washing only with water please

My answer to your questions of how to succeed with the natural hair washing (only water)
Hey guys, I am happy there has been so much feedback to my article ”The natural way to clean yourself”.. It shows how many of us crave for an alternative lifestyle. Great!
Many of you have specific questions about how to succeed with washing your hair only with water, cause in the beginning it feels so terrible fatty..

First of all: relax! It’s normal and your body reacts normal, too.

Most people say its getting better after 6-8 weeks. Some earlier, some a little later
If you don’t feel good with your hair longer than 10 weeks these tips might help you, and will even speed up the process in general:

  1. Ban animal products from your diet
  2. Let your sculp see the sun and feel the wind
  3. Eat better in general, detox with the help of an expert.
  4. Rub the sculp a little harder while washing. The massage will be good for it
  5. Ban grains and cerials from your diet. They make the “snow” on your head, as well as milk products do. Oat is doing it, too.

If your hair is not shiny, do NOT apply fats, like avocado or coconut oil. It’s hard to get it out and you might wanna use shampoo again what will throw you back to the beginning of the process. Wait and trust. Also make sure you are healthy from the inside. So better EAT the avocado and the coconut oil, so the body can make the hair shiny from the inside.

Wash you hair only with COLD or at least not very hot water

Warm water will blow it up and disturb the balance. The sebum is not made for these temperatures and will get oily, you wont get rid of it with warm water. Cold water lets the sebum make its job and will soften the hair in general.
I suggest washing your head separate from the body, if you don’t live in a warm climate, so you wont be cold while washing the hair.

Washing the hair only with water is good for ALL types of hair. Thin, thick, curly, colored, henna, everything..

If this is new for you and you want to try it, please read this article “Natural way to clean yourself” first, its the one the questions come from and it contains all information you need to start hairwashing only with water.

I hope you enjoyed the tips and apply them if necessary :)
Blessings into the world, Sascha

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