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We visit the sacred valley of the Inka culture

As we promised we tell you about the little village Pisac.
In this valley it is much more warmer than in Cusco, although it’s just a 45 minutes bus ride. The variety of vegetation is presented by the local botanic garden.

A walnut tree shades a cherimoya tree and we walk through the cactus collection while eating a fresh picket pear..

The most beautiful blossom for me by far? The fluffy, white cat ♡

We visit friends, owners of raw and or vegan restaurants, have nice chats enjoy good food and get invited to mantra singing in the evening.

There is a lot of tourist stuff here but still a very nice and colorful culture..people actually walk around in traditional skirts, know how to web and much more . It’s just nice to be here. A beautiful atmosphere. Calm and peaceful. If you are into Yoga and meditation, vegan food and so on, this is the place to be at your Perú trip. The chance is good that you’ll find some soul-family members ;)

We always love visiting Pisac :) Here we tell you more about the jungle of Perú and the border between the Andes and the Amazon Rainforest. Be excited,

Much love to you, friends ♡ Can & Sascha

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